Razorpay plugin and my app integration

i am facing problem in fetching the amount field of my razor pay plugin fetch payment .
i need that the fetch payment instance captures the amount dynamically generated in input field into the amount field of my razorpay fetch payment.
as of now i am only able to type in manually into the amount field of razorpay plugin.

kindly help!!

I have recorded the complete playlist for integrating the Razorpay with Bubble using the API .

Check it out here- Razorpay Subscription Integration | bubble.io | No code tools - YouTube

i have gone through ur video, but it hasnt solved my problem, more help appriciated, how to get the input text field value which is already dynamically created and passed on , how the amount field of razorpay fetch can capture it

@ambroserai you want to pass the amount dynamically into API and amount will enter by the user?

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yes, i want to pass the dynamic value into api which i had into the input text box generated by the calculations .

I want those values user to choose and as he clicks on paybutton the razorpay must generate the new customer with id and also the amount should be taken by razorpay fetch payment action.

but for now its not working and taking values , help will be appreciated.

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