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[PLUGIN] RazorPay

Accept payments from customers using Hosted Payment Gateway from Razorpay.

Plugin contains the following calls:

  • Create Customer
  • Edit Customer
  • Fetch Customer(s)
  • Create Order
  • Fetch Order(s)
  • Fetch Payment
  • Capture Payment (manually)
  • Fetch Multiple Payments
  • Fetch Payment by Order ID
  • Create Payment Link
  • Fetch All Payment Links
  • Fetch Payment Link
  • Send or Resend Notification

Plugin page:




Hello Team,

When I try to assign the actual Price (Number) to the RazorPay Create Payment Link, it fails with the message ‘The amount must be an integer’. Any help with this or how to rectify this?

Yes, is your input formatted as an integer? I think that’s the first thing to check. Also, sending images is helpful to determine what the cause is.

If you have further questions, send me a personal message. That way we can keep this topic clean for everyone else.



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Can you be more specific? The backed table is a Number type, while the front end value I am passing is a :sum of this Number type. I don’t see a way to format as integer? Do you mean, :Format as a Number?

Can you send me a PM along with screenshots of your setup or if you can provide a demo example link, I’d be happy to dive in.

I can’t seem to replicate the issue on my end.

Apologies. I switched to the correct account.

Please find the screenshot of the error and the workflow (where you can see that the value evaluates to a number).

Have you formatted the number with a symbol? Can I see the calculation?

If you inspect the number with debug mode, what is the value?

So just posting the result back here. The issue is that Bubble treats a number as a both Integer and Decimal. So what was happening in my case was that the number was being calculated as a number (though with decimals). Got this truncated and voila. Also you need to multiply the number with 100.

Hope this helps anyone else who uses this plugin. Works seamlessly!

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  • Settlements overview Action & Data Calls
  • Settlements overview by ID
  • Updated doc links
  • Fetching card details from Payment ID (Action & Data)
  • Bug fix: Fetching Order by ID
  • Fetch a Customer (Action call), useful for workflow actions
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New important update. On the 31st of March 2021, the legacy API will be deprecated. I’ve removed all of the old calls two weeks ago and added the new payment links api calls.

The update was a hasty one and as you might have noticed there are about 5 different calls to create Payment Links for the new contract atm, this was due to the issue with the JSON body not ignoring empty values inside the calls.

As of today I’ve launched a new server-side action call for the payment link, all empty fields will automatically be ignored, and best of all you can configure partial payments as well.

On the back-end, I’ve changed the webhook to accept full payment links updates from the Razorpay API, you can apply the same for partial payments.

What should you do?

  • Make sure you use the new payment link call created as of today: RazorPay - Payment Link (Full Server-Side)
  • There are two extra fields on the Plugin tab, make sure to fill those in with your username and api secret
  • Check the Back-end API workflow to view the webhook setup on Bubble
  • Change your webhooks to accept payment links instead of regular payment updates as they will get deprecated in 2/3 days.

Screenshot - 2021-03-28T172445.104

Update: version 1.18.0

  • Create a Subscription Link
  • Create a Plan
  • Fetch Subscription by ID
  • Cancel Subscription
  • Pause a Subscription
  • Resume a Subscription

Hey @nocodeventure, we tried to use this plugin but we are constantly getting this error

"The service Razorpay - Create Payment Link (New) just returned an error (HTTP 400). Please contact the plugin author directly for feedback. Raw error:

{“error”:{“code”:“BAD_REQUEST_ERROR”,“description”:“invalid access: merchant should not have both [paymentlinks_v2_compat] and [paymentlinks_v2] feature flags assigned”,“metadata”:[],“reason”:null,“source”:null,“step”:null}}"

Could you help us out, please?

Ps- we’ve migrated to v2 links for razorpay


  • Added three payment link API’s and deprecated some older ones.
  • Added Smart Collect API for Virtual Accounts