Integrated razorpay with code, how to do this in bubble?

I am integrating razorpay in my app and did that with traditional code but can’t seem to get around with how to do this in bubble. I am pasting the same HTML code in bubble.

You need to send an order_id (received from razorpay via API) which haven’t yet completed payment to razorpay and can get that via backend (did that by creating a server in express). I thought of getting the order_id using API connector and then sending it to razorpay via HTML element of bubble. But that didn’t work!

I created a demo app for you all to test this out. It just contains 2 Pay buttons (one with hard coded order_id and the other with dynamic - which doesn’t work) to do test transactions. Please click on Failure after completing the transaction since the order_id isn’t dynamic but hard-coded.

Now, to do this in the right way (as I did with code) the order id should be dynamic in the HTML code. Can anyone help me with this?

Hey, I have created the in-depth video on Razorpay-bubble integration. Hope it solve your queries- Razorpay Subscription Integration | | No code tools - YouTube

Hey man have you got the solution for that?

I think I resolved that by pasting the same code in two different HTML elements. Don’t know why but it worked. And this was long back, I’ve deleted Razorpay since bcz they rejected by business use-case due to weird reasons. (Hence that code and elements are deleted as well)

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