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Integrated razorpay with code, how to do this in bubble?

I am integrating razorpay in my app and did that with traditional code but can’t seem to get around with how to do this in bubble. I am pasting the same HTML code in bubble.

You need to send an order_id (received from razorpay via API) which haven’t yet completed payment to razorpay and can get that via backend (did that by creating a server in express). I thought of getting the order_id using API connector and then sending it to razorpay via HTML element of bubble. But that didn’t work!

I created a demo app for you all to test this out. It just contains 2 Pay buttons (one with hard coded order_id and the other with dynamic - which doesn’t work) to do test transactions. Please click on Failure after completing the transaction since the order_id isn’t dynamic but hard-coded.

Now, to do this in the right way (as I did with code) the order id should be dynamic in the HTML code. Can anyone help me with this?

Hey, I have created the in-depth video on Razorpay-bubble integration. Hope it solve your queries- Razorpay Subscription Integration | | No code tools - YouTube