Re-call randomly a Repeating Group list without page reload

Actually, I call a RG for a list of users where I set the sorting as random. Once the list is completely displayed, by clicking a on a button, I want to display the same list but with a new random sorting.

Now, when I do a display data the random sorting still the same as the first one.

There is a way to refresh/reset the random sorting without page reload ?

The search may be sorting the same from some efficiency Bubble reason.

Apply the same search but placed in a condition within the rg.

Have the button change that condition so that the conditional search takes place.

Please do share with us if this works. :smiley:

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Just call :sorted on your list

Like this (for example), in case it’s not clear:

already tested this, did not work for me …

didn’t work for me neither…

If this can help some bubblers, I found a workaround :

  1. Associated random numbers at page load with the Users list. If I use only this, if a User A clicks and goes to the next RG list, it also do it for all users that are on the app at the same time.
  2. I created a custom state with the random numbers list that I created in the first step. I use this custim state to go to the next RG list.

Hope it will help some bubblers

Well, it works, so what you’re having is called a user headspace error. Example (of how to use :sorted randomly, not of a user headspace error):

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