How to refresh your repeating group in random order when clicking a logo

Hey guys, I’m trying to figure out how to refresh a repeating group in a random order when clicking a logo in the top left of the page. Can’t figure out the workflow for this, hoping someone can help, thanks!

I thought it was “Display list” but that doesn’t seem to work - so far I’m only getting it to work when the page is refreshed - which is not what I want to do


Looking for the same thing. Wish you’d have gotten an answer.

@dpaielli @ericjasonsnell @gnelson

This should have been a lot easier to do. :sweat_smile: I figured out a way to do this with a plugin that creates a list of random numbers to generate a list of random things in my database. Check it out:



Hope that helps! :blush:


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Guys, @J805, @gnelson, @ericjasonsnell, @dpaielli
My question is in a similar field. I can’t refresh RG without page reload. I don’t need to do that in random order.
I have my DB changed via API workflows and even though DB is changed, my RG is not. I’ve tried to leave RG with an empty source and Display List after a tap on a certain button, but it still gives me wrong results. How can I fix it?

Would you like to share a screenshot of the data source you have set up for the repeating group so we can take a look at it for you?

Hopefully we can help you out. :blush:

I’ve noticed that there is a simple workaround

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Awesome! :raised_hands: