Re-create the Bubble Forum's 'categories' dropdown list

Is there a tutorial or guide that would help me recreate the Bubble Forum’s ‘categories’ dropdown list? Specifically, I am interested in recreating the following features, which it appears to have:

  • Dropdown list used to filter search results
  • Dropdown list defaults to ‘all categories’. When clicked, the other options are listed below, including a search bar to find and select a specific category.
  • The title of each category included in the dropdown list also shows the total number of topics within that category (e.g. “Question x 3532”)
  • If a topic is selected that has sub-topics, then a second dropdown list appears on the right. It defaults to ‘all’ and the user can select a specific sub-topic.

Sure you can recreate the dropdown and the whole forum by setting up your own discourse:

Can be possible in Bubble, too, but it might require custom code/plugin.

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