Re-Login Issues after my user = verified "yes"

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I am in need of help with my App.

I have build the Login an Signup, this include a verification of a code input section. The code only gets send to the User that completed the sign up section. I have made a Verified with default “no” to keep Unsigned users out of my App.

This value changes to Verified “Yes” once the User successfully verifies under the given time period and is thus able to Login.

My problem arise when the Verified 'yes" User goes to the homepage or any other page and Log Out afterwards. The User is unable to Log in again but is already Verified “yes”

Any help to get this issue solved would be much appreciated.


See image Below

Hey @briancarolissen after inputting the code, can you see Verified = “yes” in App Data?

Awe @ambroisedlg I can see Verfied = “yes” in App Data .

I have set it to Verified “No” by default in my User Data Types.
Note that my app is not deployed to a live version yet. I am not sure if latter mentioned is the cause of the problem. When I “run as” I can login Verified “yes” user perfectly. The problem arise when I try to re-login that same user after I logout in the Test Version.

I have a similar problem and didn’t find the source yet.
In my case, it’s a = register complete? field, when users log in and the value is no they should be redirected to the register page.
But for some reasons, and not every time (maybe 1/10), when the user have the value yesthe app keep redirecting them to register page.
Does your issue appear systematically or just sometime?

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