How to keep users logged out that didn't Sign up?

I am building a booking app. I have build a sign up and login form. My Sign up form sends a verification code that requires the current user to enter it within a 20 minute period in order to sign up. I have found that a user who did not complete the sign up process, finds it possible to sign in and are directed to a new page I created. I want to forbid users who did not follow the signup process and entered the verification code from gaining access to my app.

Please help me with this issue i am facing.

@briancarolissen that means you have a workflow action « Sign the user up » at some point. Make sure you:

  • don’t trigger the Signup workflow action before user enters the code


  1. create a data field « Verified » (type yes/no) in the User data type. Set that data to « no » by default.
  2. When user clicks on your « Signup » button in your signup form, trigger the « sign the user up » action, and redirect them to a new page (called « Verification » for example). On that page, insert an input field and a button. When user enters the correct code in the input and clicks the button, change the Current User’s Verified to Yes, and redirect them to whatever page you want.
  3. Don’t forget to also add an action in your login page: when a user tries to login, redirect to the Verification page « only when Current User’s Verified is no » as that means he did not complete the verification process
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Thanks for the help. It worked perfectly.

Awesome, glad I could be of help