Re-order Table Rows

Hi, I have displayed data in a table, and put buttons in Row 0 with a heading for the column below. I want the user to be able to click the headings to re-order the rows below alphabetically or numerically by the data in the column clicked, as you would in, say, MS File Explorer. I couldn’t find a command in Workflow->Element Actions that does this. Is it possible?

When you add the data source for the table element you should be able to choose “change which field” when choosing how to sort the data. It may need to be an Input’s Value but might also be able to be the value of a custom state. You can give a default value to an input that is a custom state which is a text and add the text string for the field name you want to sort by default. Then add a workflow for each column to change the custom state to a new corresponding text string of a field name and it will dynamically update the sorting.

Thanks. I’ll have a play to work it out, but I think you’ve given me enough pointers for my limited knowledge!