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Hi there - I’m developing an Open AI app where the customer gets 5 trial runs of the product before the button ‘locks,’ and the user is prompted to subscribe. I made changes to the current user and used a number counter to track number of times the button is clicked. Once the clicks are > than 5 - the button stops generating the AI process and a prompt for subscription is displayed. How do I get the button to start working once the customer has paid the subscription in Stripe and returned to the dashboard?

Probably the simplest way is to make the button unclickable by default, then add a condition to make it clickable if: the number of clicks < 5 OR the Current User has an active subscription

Thanks Adam! I’m sure there’s a really simple way to do this but I’m new to Bubble and been on a mad learning curve. Do you have some quick guidance on how to make the button unclickable by default? Many thanks in advance.

You just need to check the ‘This element isn’t clickable’ box on the Appearance tab for the button…


Then add the conditional, and set the 'This element isn’t clickable ’ box to unchecked.

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Superb stuff! Thanks a million, Adam.

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