Ready to hire a Bubble developer

Need an experienced bubble developer for go-live tasks and custom development

I’d recommend booking a (paid) initial consult using on of the many individuals / companies that do that kind of thing for bubble. There is a lot to unpack in your request and getting a lay of the land before committing to time/money is invaluable.

Understanding the scope and needs your project will be project unto itself.

I’ve personally used, but there are SO MANY others :slight_smile:

I like sixty since it is geared towards short hour-long session-based consultation. They have qualified bubblers on there. I like this as the most initial approach because they are not explicitly selling other services to build anything for you so I feel that their incentives are well aligned for that first intro.

Copilot does the same service as well and I’ve used them. They also build sites for clients.

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