Ready to publish my app but how?

I have been always interested in technology and programming in general, but since I’m a civil engineer that made it quite difficult to know much about programming. when I heard about bubble website from a lady was talking about it in a Ted talk that felt like I found a treasure and it is a treasure. So far I built 3 apps and I published none of them because simply I don’t know how!! we have here a very wonderful and helpful community Yes but sometimes I feel like most of the people here are already programmers and they just found an easier way to program, because even the terms and the used language and sometimes the explanations are not clear I don’t know maybe the problem is in me but anyway folks I will be so thankful and appreciate it if you can help me finding a course or a video or whatever about publishing apps including ( dimensions, responsive, app’s icon I mean from A to Z).
Thank you.

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Bubble is primarily for building web applications. You can hack into building an application designed for mobile use, then wrapping it in something like GoNative, Intel XDK, or Phonegap, but the officially supported use case at this point in time is for web applications.

Several members of the community, like @natedogg, have put together resources for how to do this. If you browse the forums for things like “GoNative” or “Phonegap” you should be able to find resources that help. Good luck!