Real time data updates from input?

I have four simple inputs that I need added to the database without a button. When the user edits those fields, they should update the corresponding things and not create new ones.

I’ve tried auto-binding (can’t get it to work) and multiple workflows… no idea what I’m doing wrong. Watched like 50 tutorials and read 10 articles, still nothing. What is the correct way to do this?

Hi there, @cheddercheese92… it would be good if you can share some screenshots of what you’re doing because what you described shouldn’t be hard to do. You can either use auto-binding (if you have the right privacy rules in place, you should be able to get it to work) or you can use the An input’s value is changed workflow event to make changes to a thing and update a particular field with the input’s value when the value is changed.

So, again, screenshots would help here because it’s hard to say why it’s not working for you without being able to see what you are doing.


This is the current workflow., but it just creates a new thing each time. (obviously). Can’t quite get it to just constantly update the same cell in the data. When I add a conditional to only create a new thing when the value is empty, nothing works.


Have you applied all of this?

Yes, when I tried auto-binding I enabled all the privacy settings required.

From the screenshots you shared, it is probably working as expected because it looks like you are creating a thing in the Company Data data type, and then you have a step that makes changes to that thing… so, it’s going to create a new thing every time.

Try using two workflow events (events, not actions within a single event), and put conditions at the event level so that one of the events runs and creates a new thing when the thing doesn’t already exist and the other event runs and makes changes to an existing thing when the thing does already exist.

If what I wrote above makes no sense, share a lot more context (including more screenshots) about what you are trying to do and how you are trying to do it.

I gave that a try, ended up with editing the same thing, and also creating a new one. In the end this workflow did the trick.


Since the data type will only ever contain one row, this changes it accordingly based on the input field. My original problem was that I did not set up a “search for” in the thing to change.

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