Really basic question about Responsiveness...please humour me

Bear with me on this, I just don’t get the whole Responsiveness tab thing as I can’t get my head round what I should be using it for. I think I’ve missed something fundamental as nobody else seems to have any issues with it and all the YouTubes I’ve seen seem all so seamless but I just end up making it look like I’ve thrown a grenade into my app when I make changes on the Responsiveness Tab.
When I click on the Responsiveness tab, is it just showing me what my app will looks like on whatever screen size a user is viewing it in? Or is it applying any kind of conditional setting that relates to that screen size that someone’s using it on?
I think I’m confused because a lot of people will use my app on a phone so why not just make the whole thing visible on a phone screen? What’s the advantage in having it work for big screens? That seems easiest for me because, even though I now understand the Column/Row/Align to Parent options and the Layout tab, it’s a huge pain in the wahoola converting everything to being “responsive”. Can anyone help me manage my expectations about what I should be using the Responsiveness tab for?

A fairly nice trick is to make the “useful” part of your app work on mobile size.

And then keep that the same size on desktop but just have a wide header or move the header from a mobile version to a side bar.

Ah, now that makes sense. Thank you.
I do have an issue in that there’s necessarily a screen on my app that shows transactions to users which ideally needs to be wider than a phone screen will display. Is there an accepted way around this? Page tabs for instance or scrolling or should I get the user to rotate the screen? Otherwise, making the whole “useful” bit of it seems a better option. Thanks.

Some sort of “more” button?

Check out how Amazon etc do it. Then do that.

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Thank you Nigel. That’s a very good idea. It’s amazing how I can see these things on a regular basis but then miss the idea when I need it.