Really cool ecommerce API

Hey Emmanuel, I know you guys have got an eCommerce plugin already, but this one is really cool and worth checking out. its by Shopify

Basically - you snap a photo, write a description, and set a price - and you can post your product directly from the Sello app, to your social media accounts (or somewhere else (possibly Bubble apps) via API…) - super simple payment gateway integrated in. Its really really simple.

A use case I am thinking of might include a Bubble user - possibly even myself included - creating an app - where users can submit products for sale to the Bubble app, via the Sello app.

My mistake!
Sorry - I guess they removed their API … I cant find it on their website. I know they had one when they launched…
I should have double checked before posting here

I would delete this forum post, but i don’t know how…

I wonder if there is a plugin or extension of some sort with a similar functionality for other ecommerce platforms like Magento or Prestashop. I have an office supplies selling website build with a pre-designed responsive theme from and all the social media features coming right out of the box. Getting such an app with a flawless PreshaShop compatibility sounds too good to be true, I could sell anything I like to anyone in my social networks. Besides, it would work perfectly for the niche my online store operates in.

Not sure about those platforms - for plugins.

I know Sello had an API - I’m almost interested to see what the deal is on that.

  • It’s possible they took it down to close the functionality off to competitors.

An app that plugs in to a major ecommerce platform; can scrap a users store ; then display editable inventory on a smartphone app that can shoot products to multiple social media WITH a payment gateway… That’s an idea.

That Sello app definitely does something like that though; looks promising. You would need to use Shopify to host your store though. Hence the old “Disappearing API” theory… :smiley:

What’s the ecommoerce plugin that bubble already have?

Hi, I am unable to access these API. Let me know the exact use of this and which type of mobile apps are more suited to this. Also share an alternate link if you have. Thanks.

I don’t think there is an “ecommerce” plugin.
I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for…?

There are payment plugins though (like Stripe) - you can see all the available plugins from your Bubble editor.

If you are wanting to build an online store - you would use one of the payment plugins; and then build the logic + interface of your store, manually from the bubble editor.

I think some users have built Online Store templates (for purchase I believe) - so if your wanting to quickly put together an online store - then that could be an option…
Check the forum for templates

Btw If someone looking for an good ecommerce addon , I 've started using digtal sales module for my Presta 1.6. I had a problem with limited numbers of download my products,and often my web didn’t work cuz people downloaded files over1000 times .
So I think it will be helpful for Prestashop user

Your link does not exist… This is our journey into application creating with a little detour to the requirements for a development of an e-commerce app I hope you can find a lot of useful information there.

Was this done using Bubble?