RealTime update in rg from db

good evening everyone. I am faced with a problem, which in reality had never happened to me and everything had always worked as it should. I am attaching a video where I show the situation

as you can see, the app does everything it should at first. The products added to the cart mirror those added. Either I add them directly from the button, or I add it from the group that opens from the image link. however at some point things no longer work as they should and by adding a dish to the cart, it does not show as added. this in my opinion is a bug because:
-by updating the page, the information is then correctly displayed, showing that it has been correctly written in the bubble database.

  • if it had been a logical problem, then the behavior should have always occurred and not occasionally
  • it does not always happen with the same element, it is totally sporadic and I have not been able to understand in what situation it occurs. It has always worked so far, has it ever happened to anyone?

Hmm… weird… have you tried to file a bug report for Bubble to investigate?

Yes, I sent him an email, but I wanted to know if someone else had a similar episode.

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