Receive email and create a thing

Hi all,
Firat of all, Amazing solution!
We started checking it out a few weeks ago, and now already considering implementing solutions for our customers and not only in house.

I was wondering how is it possible to receive an email inside the platform and create a thing using it.
An example use case would be a task app - auser sending to a specific mail box an e mail, and the subject of the email will become a name field of a task thing in the app.

Would highly appreciate your help!



So I needed similar functionality but didn’t know that we could “receive” emails inside Bubble. I found a third party service that takes emails sent to an email address they set up for you and it creates an api post call to any endpoint. I then set up a Bubble endpoint to handle the actions I needed. It works great.

I’m interested in finding out whether the scenario you describe is possible because it would save me $25/mo. But if it’s not possible and you’re interested in more details on what I did let me know.


Thanks for your answer!
I would really appreciate if we could to this without paying 25$\mo…

With that said, can you please elaborate a bit about which service and how did you implement it?


You can set up Zapier to do that. You set up new email trigger, in Zapier, and then use a post action and use a webhook to send it to Bubble.


I will be happy to when I get back to my computer later this afternoon. I do seem to recall, but not sure exactly, they have a free/cheaper version for message sizes up to a certain size. I couldn’t go with that because I needed it to handle attachments.

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I found, probably will give it a go.
They have a free tier up to 10K mails (more then enough for this step).

Thanks again!


Sorry. I haven’t been able to get back on here. I hope that works for you. :+1:

Thanks for sharing. At first glance that appears it may offer some features I could use beyond what I’m using. I’ll check it out too.

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@gnelson sorry to bump this old thread, but what was the service you used to do this? $25 a month isn’t terrible, I’m curious if it’s still available and suitable for use.

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Hello @andrewgassen

No problem with bumping old discussions…I do it all the time LOL.

I use
I’ve been away from the app I was using it on for several months, but returning to that soon. It worked great for me. Sendgrid is supposed to do this, but I could never get it to work.

Hope this helps.

Hi @mickeys. I see I failed to send you this information. How did mailgun work for you? As I stated below, I use and it works great for this.

Hi @gnelson, I’m working adding inbound mail for the CRM I’m building in Bubble. Any way you would provide more details or be willing to help out? I’m willing to pay.

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I would use inbound parse with Sendgrid. Here’s some documentation on it. Let me know if you need help setting it up.


@johnny, you would recommend using that for an inbox function? Users would have their own email address. Have you implemented this before? Would you be willing to help? We can chat about rates.

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I would recommend it for creating a new thing when the system receives a new email. And yes, I’ve used it before


Hi @bubble17 I’ll try and provide how I used cloudmailin sometime today. It’s pretty simple to set up. I tried sendgrid but couldn’t figure it out back then. Maybe it’s simpler now.

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Hi @gnelson, would you mind sharing how you got cloudmailin to work?

Pinging this question. Thank you @gnelson.

Hi @johnny , did you figure out how to save an attached file using SendGrid’s Inbound Parse Webhook? I don’t see anything on the forums and Bubble support will not help.

Hi @kelly1,

It been a while since I used Sendgrid, I moved over to Postmark, so I don’t remember which about inbound parse using Sendgrid.

it’s crap. Only way is by using the full base64 option and maybe manage something with the plugin “mailernode”… I gave up.