Is it possible for Bubble to receive mail and process it

Is there some way that a user could send an email to an email address, which Bubble received and created a data entry were the subject went in to one field and the body of the email went into another field?

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Not that I can think of. You could possibly use an api workaround but nothing native in Bubble.

If you integrate Twilio, I believe that you can do this

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Just checked Twilio out and it looks like you are right and it isn’t expensive. $15 for up to 50,000 emails a month. On top of that there’d be the Sendgrid subscription as it works via Sendgrid.

So thanks for the pointer there. Now that I know it is potentially doable I can give it some more thought.

Zapier has an email parser. This post may help - Email to Create a thing / update a thing?


I tried this approach with Twilio, and it is pretty complex. The issue in our case was not setting it up, it was having something that worked reliably. I think the email parser mentioned by louisadekoya is a safer starting point. The demos we built with Twilio would work from Gmail, not work if someone sent from Outlook, then we’d find the bug and fix that and another one would come up. Not my kind of thing I want to sign on to maintain over time…

Yes, you can do this with Sendgrid.


That looks very useful Louisa as the parsing can be a big problem can’t it.

With Zapier if it is just a two step process do you still have to have a paid subscription?

Thanks for sharing that. Good to know.

I’ll check that out Mike. Thanks!

NP, Goodluck

Bye the way, I later realized that it might also be possible by using the mailhook function in Integromat.

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Looks interesting, and is affordable for my needs.

This might be useful:


yes, check out how inbound parse works. we do this.

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