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Receive "Please include an email" Error message

I’m creating an onboarding process, and the signup isn’t working. I keep getting an error message “Please include an email” even when there is an email in the input field. Can anyone provide any guidance on this? It’s a bit of a deal-breaker if this doesn’t work.


It will be nice to share more information about it. Some screenshots of the problem, your workflow, elements configuration and etc. You can also use to film and share your screen…

Click in the action “Sign the user up” and share the configuration here please.

No no… in your workflow.



I actually posted that right before you sent your message. lol I’m taking a picture now, although I do see there’s nothing in those boxes for email and password when I click the actual action itself. That may be where the problem is.

Of course, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Now I’m getting an error for the “passwords do not match” when I’m trying to enter and then confirm.

That is the problem.

You need to fill this fields (Email and Password) with the values inserted by the user in the form below:


That is it! :+1:

Now you should see the user in your database.

There was an additional problem I realized. Because there was a hidden signup form on another page when I was moving stuff around, I didn’t realize until now there were duplicates of the fields, so things weren’t matching up.

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