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Please include an email alert

Ive created a signup popup with a link on the bottom to a login popup in the event the visitor is an existing user. This alert ‘please include an email’ appears on that login popup whenever i type in the email and try to type in the password. Ive labelled email field as ‘input email login popup’ and the other as ‘input email signup popup’ so no confusion there. The alert message is preventing me from logging in and i cant seem to find the issue. Any advice?

Have you hooked up the workflows? Also, are you working in different versions? The dev and live databases are separate.

Thanks for getting back. Both popups have buttons with workflows. The signup workflow leads the form to save in the database and to create a user which works fine. The login has a workflow that I simply chose ‘login’ as the option mapping the two fields (email address and password) but once I type in a password I get that message and don’t get the opportunity to put in the password. I’m sure that at some point I could but still the login button didn’t seem to accept the info and login

Can you post screenshots of your workflow and elements?

Thanks a lot

Account signup works fine but login has the issue, appreciate it

Gotcha. You have two log in actions?

For the login workflow screenshot, don’t forget to fill in the email and password. It’ll be red in the workflow if there’s an error or something is missing.

If you click on the email field, and look at the top of the element editor, it will give you the name of that element. Use that for your email and same goes for password on that field.

For email, it’s probably something like Input Email Address login’ valueand for password it’s probably something like Input Password login’ value.

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