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Receive SMS via Twilio - Message Sid?

Does anyone know how to retrieve (and save) the Message Sid from Twilio using the @copilot Twilio plugin? The plugin details seems purposefully vague. Any advice to receive (and save) SMS’s would be much appreciated.


Hey @placolla13,

The Twilio plugin is a native implementation of Twilio’s API. The only way of retrieving Message SIDs is to parse through a list retrieval of sent messages which isn’t available in the plugin. We do have list retrieval on our roadmap, but you can setup the API call on your own using Twilio’s API reference. The plugin is not purposefully vague; the vast majority of plugin users save the Message SID after sending it. :+1:

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thanks for the reply. how do you then save the message sid after sending it?

thanks @copilot :+1:

@placolla13, I believe he means accessing to the workflow action after it’s executed:

[Workflow 1: Send SMS] → [Workflow 2: Make changes to current user (or any other database)] → Field: Step 1 (…SID)

Hope this helps.

That does make sense but it doesnt seem like it works for me. When I do that, nothing saves