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Issue with using Twilio in Bubble App the first time

So I am having some issues getting started with incorporating Twilio. I am following the steps on the Twilio plugin page but unsure what to do after Step 3. In Step 4 “insert account SID parameter for url”…what url? and where do you do this?

I also don’t see where to actually use Twilio in your app. I want to send a dynamic text message when a data object’s boolean value is yes for the first time.

Which Twilio plugin are you using? There are a few. Can you also provide screenshots?

Can you provide screenshots of your issue? I’ve personally only tried out the Copilot one, but I might be able to help anyway.

I have a Twilio account with trial number and some money in the account balance. Unsure what to do next.

I am stuck in what to do next. I do not have any screenshots of implementation as yet.

What does step 3 say to do?