Issue with using Twilio in Bubble App the first time

So I am having some issues getting started with incorporating Twilio. I am following the steps on the Twilio plugin page but unsure what to do after Step 3. In Step 4 “insert account SID parameter for url”…what url? and where do you do this?

I also don’t see where to actually use Twilio in your app. I want to send a dynamic text message when a data object’s boolean value is yes for the first time.

Which Twilio plugin are you using? There are a few. Can you also provide screenshots?

Can you provide screenshots of your issue? I’ve personally only tried out the Copilot one, but I might be able to help anyway.

I have a Twilio account with trial number and some money in the account balance. Unsure what to do next.

I am stuck in what to do next. I do not have any screenshots of implementation as yet.

What does step 3 say to do?

Hello Johnny!

I am also in a similar position as lafleurdesignsolutio. However, I am trying to develop a simple SMS text reminder to users that put their numbers in the input.

I am using the copilot plugin for twilio send text massages and so far I have entered the SID and Auth Token, created a twilio account with a studio workflow. I am new to APIs and not really sure how to connect Bubble to Twilio. Would really appreicate it if you can help me out. Thank you!

@johnny if you have any tips on how to use the copolit plugin properly it would be much appreciated.

I have the text message workflow event set up as so

I am not putting the + in front of the numbers as the documentation states there is no need

My Twilio account information shows a trial balance and a trial number

The number it is being sent to is in Thailand (where I am located) so I do not know if that may be part of the issue and Twilio doesn’t send Text messages to other countries besides USA or maybe just not Thailand.

Either way I have tried using the + in front of both the to and from number with no luck no matter which way I structure the numbers.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Already have the Account SID and Auth Token added to the plugin console in both Live and DEV modes

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 11.46.29 PM

No idea what I am doing wrong here

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It doesn’t work on the Trial Version of Twilio for some reason, so you’d have to setup a payment method, or basically unlock your Twilio away from the Trial version @boston85719

@edward @lafleurdesignsolutio – Apologies for the late reply

So would this be the appropriate set up in the workflow?

Yes, that looks correct

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So I have not added any payment options to Twilio and I am still in a trial mode

I have not had any luck with the text messages

But I was able to make a call

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 12.22.20 AM Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 12.22.08 AM

So, I’ve got a couple of questions.

  1. Is it only the text message function that will not work on trial, or from your experience did the calls not work as well?

  2. What is the TwiML File URL? There is no documentation on it and it is automatically populated. Will this need to be something that is changed when not on a trial account?

  3. When I want to enable users to call each other, would I simply have the Twilio phone for my account be the ‘from’ number and have the user receiving the call phone number be the ‘to’ number? My goal is to let one user call another without sharing their phone numbers on the site or seeing the phone number on the caller ID.


I am now able to send the SMS as well

The Status Callback URL was not necessary and subsequent tests without it worked still

The only thing I changed in the Twilio account was I updated my GeoPermissions to include the country of my phone number that is registered and verified by Twilio

I can only assume that is what enabled me to use it in trial mode. The other thing too is that it doesn’t make a difference if the numbers have the + in front or not…both ways works now.

One thing that is kind of bothering me though is I am not seeing the messages or phone calls in my Twilio account Usage section.

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I haven’t tried calling with Twilio

Not sure, I couldn’t find much info from Twilio

Correct. But I’m not exactly sure about masking a phone number similar to Doordash, Lyft or Uber

I’ve been using Twillio for SMS and faxes for at least the past year. It’s very easy to set things up and make changes once you understand their documentation.

I highly suggest building the API yourself from the bubble api connector. Originally I had tried the twillio plugin (copilot or something) and I couldn’t get to it work. Here is my basic setup for SMS:

Obtain your username and password from you twillio dashboard. Ensure that the phone number you select is compatible with the service that you need (i.e. SMS, fax, voice), as not all numbers carry each service. For sending SMS, ensure you have the +1 with your phone number, I think I was stuck on this for a while when initially trying to set things up.

The Twillio documentation isn’t bad, there’s a bit of a learning curve with it, but once you see their methodology, it’s easy to set things up.



I look forward for a REST API allowing me to make VoIP calls between 2 users of my Web app. It seems that Twilio is made for that, but i’m not sure : i don’t need any real phone number for my app, just a username. I won’t use “classic” phone network but only Voice over IP calls.

Anybody can tell me if Twilio can be a solution for me ?


A newbee

Hi! Thank you SO much for this. It worked finally.
My only question is…how in the world do I set this up so the body of the message isn’t “test” all the time and the “to” is a different number? Still new to Bubble…so much to learn…thanks in advance!

Hello @gilles, were you able to use this setup for a 2-way messaging system also where the sender and receiver can SMS each other via their mobile phone once the initial message is initiated from a WebApp? Thank you.


I’ve only done one-way SMS. It should be straightforward to setup their SMS / two-way messaging service. All the APIs are similar in setup.


Hi @dhawan_30 , were you able to set up the 2way messaging? I know @gilles said that he never tried it. Any advice would be great.

I tried the copilot plugin but there are no twilio visual elements or input forms. Pretty confused