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Recommendations for email parser to use with bubble

I am looking to build a feature where users can interact with the webapp by sending email to a specific address (cc’ing this address). The email should be parsed for sender’s email, subject & body. Note that many emails will be forwards / replies so need to distinguish within the thread between current email and prior emails.

Any recommendations for api’s / alternate ways to do this most efficiently & cost-effectively using bubble ?

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I know zapier has an email parser. Never tried it though

Yes, Zapier’s parser is simple but effective.

There is also for more complex stuff.

So Zapier doesnt support parsing only body of the recent email and takes in the whole email right ?

Depends what you mean by “Parse”, Zapier’s Parser will extract data from structured emails.

If you just want to split the email into Sender/Body/Subject … I think that is something else.

Depends on who you want to get the data into bubble, you could use the API connector if you can find an email host which provides an API, that would no doubt split by field.

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I use Zapier’s parser pretty extensively. You can see one of the API workflows I use with screenshots of the parser’s details here.

I strip a suffix from the to field to update my app, and pull content out of several parts of the email for logging. I’ve been quite pleased with the results.

1 Like is a great parser, I’d recommend trying them.

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Mailparser is VERY expensive for normal emails. Makes sense if the objective is to parse attachments.
Zapier is good for parsing first email, but not a reply or forward (which has prior email threads in the body).

Any other suggestions please :frowning:

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You could have a look at it has an “incoming email” function to which you could try some of the built in matching, splitting and/or regex actions. The free version is very capable although it has been recently purchased from it’s founder so not sure where it is headed as a service.

Hey, if you are looking for an email parser, we’ve recently launched It allows to extract and export the structured data from emails.

Highlight the valuable data and Parsio will extract it from all similar emails:

WOOOOW That’s a real life saver!!! Thank you for sharing :love_you_gesture:

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What’s the best way to setup Parsio with Bubble? Is it Zapier? Or Webhook? If Webhook, what are the steps?

Hi @Puls ,

Great question! Could you please give me more details about your project? What are you trying to achieve ?

I wanted to parse authentication codes when they come in an email. Amazon for instance (seller account). Then I would have the code displayed on a webpage and the user could click a copy button to copy the code.


Wow, that’s a very interesting idea! And yes, I think It’s definitely possible to achieve.

  1. Bubble can receive webhooks, but let’s enable API and backend workflows first:

  1. Now (from backend workflows) we can create an endpoint that we will trigger with the parsed data:

We need to define the received data schema. Let’s say we will receive an amazon auth code and user’s unique id (his email address for example).

  1. Now you can configure a webhook in Parsio.

  2. When Bubble receives the payload data, you can store it in database, display on the screen etc

Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:
I really like this idea !

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