Recommendations for scatter graph

I am looking for the best plugin to plot a scatter type graph. I have two options…

  1. a graph that plots an X and Y axis
  2. a box split into 4 sections so 8,8 would appear top right and 2,2 would appear bottom left.

Having a look around but cant seem to find anything that would do this from the plugin library - any suggestions/demos? Data would be coming from bubble DB.

Maybe you can provide an image example of your expected results?

Gartner do something like this - imagine the figures coming from a database for the X and Y axis

@p_clavering did you come up with a way forward for this scatter chart?

Ideally I’d like an event for hovering a point that will allow me to drag a drag/drop group to that point.


unfortunately not. I have done this on an individual level but still have a need for this at a group level (i.e. a collection of dots rather than just one!)