Recommendations on restarting a app from scratch

I’ve developed an app on bubble while learning how to use the platform and while figuring out which features I want my app to have. Because of this, there are a lot of unnecessary elements, workflows, and datatypes. The app needs to be developed more cleanly.

I’m deciding between starting a new app since it needs a new name and this would be easier than deleting every element, workflow, and all the data. My only issue with this is I’ll have to repurchase the 10 or so plugins I need.

I’m wondering if there is a way to transfer the plugins to the new app or if there is an alternative solution that I’m missing that will allow me to easily recreate an app from scratch without having to repurchase the plugins.

Hey @cohereandnow,

That’s a learning curve that everyone goes through. What you can do is create a new page and start from scratch there. Then just right click on the page and click “make this page the new index”.

I hope that helps!

Then I called that old page “Graveyard” and throw all my garbage on that page just for archiving.


Amazing thank you so much!!