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Hello, how so I reset an app to the original template presets? I need to reset the app instead of creating a new one as Bubble will charge me twice for my plan I already have on one app. I need to start over from scratch without having to create a brand new app and paying money twice.

Thanks for your help!

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Easiest way to do it. Make a button which removes all data types + delete pages. Is this what you mean? To remove plugins just go to -> plugins and remove them all.

Or, just downgrade your app to the free version (or delete it). Then, create a new app from the original template. Just an idea.

But that will charge me twice, which is the whole thing I’m trying to stay away from. :frowning: If I downgrade, then create a new app I have to re-sign up for a new plan per app created. Its odd the system is that way but I mean paying a few hundred twice is no good either.

But how would I reinstall the theme to that app? I am a bit lost. :frowning:

You don’t get charged for each app created. The free tier will suite what your looking for. A clean clean slate of the app based on the template. Should you decide to use that one instead, then you can upgrade. But certainly doesn’t require a charge for each app you create.

Hello, I already have an app created under a paid plan. I want to reset that app to the original.

  1. I have tried to create a second app already but it asks me for my credit card information again on that app which implies paying for a second plan.

  2. I would rather just reset my original app on the same plan, without creating a new one and paying again on that new one.

Idk if this makes sense, thank you so much for your thoughts as I am at a loss of what to do.

I ran into the same problem because I paid yearly and it was attached to one app. My recommendation is to pay monthly and when you drop that app back to hobby or delete it, you are only losing a month of payment at the most. if you are paying yearly, support will help you convert to monthly. A little more expensive paying monthly but a lot more freedom if you need to start from scratch.

Subscriptions are pro rated. You can modify your plan anytime during the period. The features of the new plan will be immediately accessible, and the amount will be prorated. You’ll be refunded for the number of days you haven’t used on the previous plan, and will be charged for the corresponding days on the new plan.

Thank you, I am confused on how this helps me reset the application though?

Cancel your plan. Re-order. Or just delete each page manually. Writing this topic might have taken longer then manually deleting each page.

This makes me sad. I cant just loose a months of a paid subscription all because I want to reset my template to fresh. I dont understand why this isnt a functionality. :frowning:

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Hey thanks for your help! So sorry about the topic thing just want help is all. Question, if I delete everything can I reinstall the theme? The theme is super complex so I mean deleting everything I need to be able to reinstall it to the original defaults before I edited it.

Hey Monique,

I’m in exactly the same boat.
It’s really frustrating - 'cause I’m best testing templates and working out what will work best for my new site.
So it’s hard to understand why it’s so difficult to just reset the current App, especially if it’s already under a paid subscription plan.

So you are not alone - unless anyone else has a better way, then deleting, re-creating and then requesting a refund for the unused time - which I did once before (just to install a template).

Kind regards,


Is the Rest Application now available?

Hi, bumping this thread as I’m now in the same boat. If I’m understanding it correctly, we can cancel at anytime (I’m on monthly plan) and it will automatically pro-rate the charges so that if there was time left, I’d get a refund? That way I can recreate a new site right away and put that on the monthly paid plan so really no extra charge although there would be that gap of the refund request and the actual depositing of the funds into my account. Thanks in advance!

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I suggest asking Bubble support to clarify.

I need this functionality too, is this available?

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I also would like this. I contacted Bubble once because i deleted my app thinking that when i made the new one it would automatically pick up where the other left off. Not true. They moved the subscription, but made sure I knew it was only this once they would do it. I want to start my app new with the same subscription. Bubble needs to make this an option .


yes what in the world i broke my template on accident im a noob like ten minutes in and now i cant reset it??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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