Record Count of Button Clicks per user + Show a pop up on 'x' clicks

I am working on a webpage which shows Images pulled from a backend.

Users are presented with 3 Images initially, and on Button tap are shown the next in list items

  1. I need to count the no of taps happening overall
  2. I need to show a popup after x number of button taps, say 8 per user session

Any idea how to implement this?

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @sekhar2193… since it sounds like you want to track the count within the user’s current session (meaning you don’t care if the count is reset when the page is refreshed or the user logs out and then logs back in), you could use a custom state to keep the count. So, when the button is tapped, have a workflow step that sets a state (of type number and with a default value of 0) to the current value of the state + 1. Then, have an additional workflow step that shows the popup only when the value of the custom state is equal to a certain number.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot
This worked well for ‘2’

how to implement 1?

I need to monitor the total no of taps on a ‘button’
Happening overall, across all users, all sessions

Oh, my apologies… I misunderstood and thought #1 was part of the same issue. I would probably save a user’s click count to a field on the User data type and then sum that field across all users.

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Much thanks Mikeloc

All is working well here

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