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Counting the number of time a Popup Displays

Whats up bubble community,

I’ve read a few posts about counts for various things – but that I can find that would count the number of times a popup has been opened.

Since a popup requires a trigger (ie. button) with a workflow to show the popup element – in effect I guess it’s more appropriate to say that I’d like to count the number of times that specific workflow has been run.

At the present time, I’ve resorted to counting things a little differently. I created a list of users who have clicked that button, then added each user – but that’s not allowing duplicates of each user, so the count doesn’t reflect the true number of times users have clicked that button.

Is there a way to add duplicates for Current User to a list? That information would be useful too…to know if which users are viewing multiple times.

Much love bubble community,

Be careful about things like this, as each ‘click’ is writing data to the database and will count towards your workflow count limits.

If you are really wanting to understand how your application is used, you should use analytics.