How to record the database information from the button

Hello. Could you tell me how to make and write to the database the choice made by the user. I have a dropdown in which the user selects a value. Depending on the selected value, several options appear at the bottom. From these options, the user selects a value that should be recorded in the database by clicking next. I made a standard button that has a custom state. However, I can’t figure out how to write to the database what is written in the button. Perhaps it was necessary to make not a button, but some other element. Thanks


Hi there, @bluesun440… so, first, I would almost certainly use an option set to define the type options. Then, I would likely use a dropdown (instead of buttons) to display the options. With that setup in place, all you have to do when the Next button is clicked is save the dropdown’s value to a field in a data type (note that the field should have a field type of the option set).

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the answer. Yes, it would probably be more logical to make a drop-down list. But how do I set up the process so that the contents of dropdown 2 depend on what is in dropdown 1? I’m only putting content in the option set for dropdown 2. For dropdown 1, I need to have a list of things in the database and somehow link each item in list 1 to its option set?

Just have one option set that defines all of the options. Then, have a field on the Category data type that is tied to the option set, and make the field a list. Finally, when you create things in the Category data type to define all of your categories, populate each thing’s option set list field with the options that are associated with the category.

this task make me crazy. Yes, I tried to do what you advised. This really working, thank you so much. But I can’t to connect two dropdowns. In one of them I have all type of categories. In another I have a list with all options sets. And nothing change no matter what category i choose. I have a reference what I try to do, maybe I not correctly explain what I want. In right I have one list. When I choose from this list any item in left list content is change. Thank you and sorry for my intrusive)

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