Recurring event (daily) to run API WF in a list (recursively)

hello Guys and Gals,

I need to run a daily batch to check if some bookings reqs are expired (current date>booking start date and not accepted by provider yet)

After burning 2 or 3 neurons, I decided to:
-Use a recurring WF (to be triggered by an admin) to run on a daily basis
-This will trigger an API WF in list (bookings that match the criteria: current date>booking start date & accepted = N, first 50 items)
-re-schedule itself (recursive) for the next 50 items, stop when count=0

Anyways I don’t know if it’s going to work because I have not paid for the 100+ usd subscription yet.

-is there a way to test (or trick) this without paying for the professional sub?
-when I set a recurring event it asks me for a workflow thing, I found odd that I need to search for the type and select a record to be complaint, why not select the type of thing (object itself) like we do in other processes, am I doing this correctly?


PS: I know I can avoid recurring WF using scheduling WF +1 day when results count=0 but I don’t want to risk it (if one day the WF fails I am screwed). Unless I am missing something

@mattmazzega fyi

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Hey @natserrano,

One thing after reading your post : why not scheduling a backend WF at the moment you create the booking (or when basically the start date is created). Basically having an action in the creation workflow that will trigger a workflow at this date.

In this backend WF you can then set up the conditions (Accepted by provider = no) and then do what you need to do on this booking (set it as expired)…

As discussed earlier, it will be useful then to throttle your different backend WF on the booking stuff, instead of going ‘bulk’ on a full (big) list everyday.

Thanks Matt, I though about this or even do it ‘when page loads’ but my index search results depend on it (a booking might not be created daily, an booking might expire daily)

Do you know if the syntax ‘workflow thing” value when setting recurring event is correct? I found odd doesn’t let me select a thing, but approves a record