Recurring (backend) workflow every 1st month

I set up a recurring backend workflow with the frequence “monthly”. It is scheduled for the 1st of a month to start. It started on 1st of July (everything went fine) but the next scheduling is now 31th of July (not 1st of Aug).

So a thing is created and with that a recurring workflow which is set to first date next month with the condition "current date/time: rounded down to month +(months):1 (see screen attached) → that is working fine.

I also attached the settings of the recurring workflow. I scheduled it 5 minutes past the current date of time in order to avoid any “month transfer issues”. Maybe it is better to go with some hours? Does anyone see any other issues here that I don´t see?

Thanks in advance!

It’s probably a timezone issue. 31 Jul in the bubble server timezone is different from yours, so do check that out.

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