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Hi all

I’ve followed the forum for quite a while, great resource, I’ve managed to solve almost every single issue I’ve encountered by simply searching the forum.

However, I’m a bit stumped on this one, even after watching the Coaching No Code Apps video tutorial and reading thru the 3 other specific threads on the forum.

My task: very simple, I’d like to send an email every month to each user that has the ionic toggle set to true

Can someone be kind enough to help me implement this? I’m unsure if I have to create an Endpoint OR a Recurring workflow and where would I schedule it to run Monthly? Where would I create the “Set/Cancel a recurring event” trigger?

Thanks much!

This is what I’ve setup so far, below is the Recurring flow

Below is the Endpoint

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In the example I’ll share you would utilize both types of API workflows, albeit setup slightly differently than you have shown in your screenshots.

  1. Keep the Send email action on your Endpoint workflow

  2. Remove Send email action from your Recurring workflow

  3. Add a Schedule API Workflow achievement-emails-true on a list action to the Recurring workflow

Essentially whats going to happen is: once a month the Recurring workflow will run, and this workflow will be responsible for querying an up-to-date list of Users with a field marked YES (ionic toggle = true) and then scheduling the Endpoint’s Send email action to run at the Current date/time. I’m not sure if this way of scheduling on a list is redundant, it’s just how I ultimately decided to do this on one of my apps. I wanted to prevent the need for one recurring event to exist per user (which would result in hundreds or thousands of separate recurring workflows), in this scenario I’ve outlined there’s only one event in total which then triggers a normal Endpoint to run on a list. Here’s an example of a yes/no field being used in a List to run on search within a Recurring API workflow (in my case the API Endpoint is called send_email and not achievement-emails-true):


Let’s say you wanted to send a monthly email on the 1st of every month. In this case, WHERE you would trigger this (IMO) would be on an admin dashboard you have access to when logged in as you. Create a button on this dashboard tied to a workflow that triggers a recurring event (essentially creating one place where you, the admin, can start a monthly recurring event). Here is an example of how this would function:

Because my API Recurring event is set to accept type “User” I have to put a User in Workflow thing, for simplicity’s sake I selected Current User. Frequency is Monthly, and in Start date you can see we’re dynamically configuring when that monthly event should kick off. In this case it would be February 1st at 12pm in my current User’s timezone. You can do more after this action, such as storing the recurring workflow ID. But since you’re the admin and it’s a single Recurring event, it’s pretty easy to edit or remove this in your app’s editor under Logs → Scheduler.

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I would get rid of the regular API Workflow endpoint and JUST use the recurring event.

SET the recurring event for EACH user. Perhaps on sign up or wherever you have them opt-in to this monthly email. The send date/time can be more flexible/staggered this way (if desired).

Add a condition to the send email action “only when current workflow’s user’s yes/no value is ‘yes’” - that way, it’ll always run the event every month, but only sent the email if yes/no = yes.

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hey there @Philip, thanks for the detailed reply, so far I’ve done as you’ve listed however I really want to get away from pressing a button and instead let it be fully automated, have you been able to implement this, if so how?

hey @romanmg! So that I properly understand, I keep the recurring workflow I’ve already setup as is and add the “only when” condition to the “Send Email” action.

My question is now regarding the scheduling of the recurring event, do I add it after the “Send Email” action? Where would I go to schedule it to run Monthly and without me having to press a button.

Is the below screenshot the way to go? Thanks a lot for your help.

Using the method I’ve outlined, you only press the button once for the lifetime of your app until you want to cancel it or change the date/time of the email. There would be no second, third, etc button pushes required. It might be useful for you to experiment with recurring workflows outside of your main application/workflow to gain an understanding of how they work.

@romanmg’s method is also an option if you prefer the monthly recurring emails to be sent out unique to the date/time users sign up – in that case you would want to Set the recurring workflow upon user signup (when the person’s account is activated), and the Send email action would exist in the recurring workflow. Right now you have them together in one workflow, but you want to keep them separate. Again, play around with the recurring workflow system to understand how it works and I think it’ll click for you and allow you the chance to set it up as you wish.

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Yes, @philip’s method has you pressing a button once, but you have to do it at least once from some page in order to start. This can be on an internal page just for you.

I can’t see the top of your screenshot, but essentially it would need to be:

Button on page: Set recurring workflow at monthly frequency
Recurring Event in API Workflows: Send email or (as @philip outlined) schedule an API Workflow on the User list > That workflow would send email instead.

That’s it. By setting (aka starting) a recurring event, Bubble will automate it so that it runs all over again at the frequency you set.

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Thank you both @Philip @romanmg for the insight and help. Your time is greatly appreciated.

I will implement this when I’m home this evening.

I would like to add that when trying this out - always delete the scheduled workflow from the logs in order to trigger it again within the selected time interval (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).

I was trying to build this feature and was stuck due to this for quite a while :wave: