Send Monthly Mail using Recurring Workflow

Hi, have really been struggling with this despite it seeming fairly basic. All I want to do is send a monthly mail to all users (using Backend Workflow > Recurring Workflow).

I’ve set it up exactly following a relevant YouTube tutorial, using a button* to trigger it for now - but no email gets sent. Can anyone suggest from the screenshots below what I might be doing wrong. Thanks!!!

*NB: The button is actually called ‘Send Monthly’ although in the Log it appears as ‘Button D’

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Could be that the emails will take a month before they are sent.

Try testing using a daily frequency to see if you receive the email the next day.

The thought occurred to me, but you can’t test the ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ frequency unless you’re on a more expensive package.

Running straight away would seem more likely really (as it’s easy to delay).

I think much simple solution will be–

Call the “Schedule API workflow” for a future date and when this triggers again schedule for next time you want to schedule.

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Fabulous @ankur1 that works v well as a workaround, so I can get on with my work, thanks!!!

(though does feel like the Recurring Workflow option would be neater if I could have it working! :frowning: )

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I am not aware of there being a need to pay more for the daily or weekly recurring events. I do know you have to be on a paid plan to run backend workflows in general and that is the first paid plan.

I did see a thread about a Bug in the system related to backend recurring workflows. Most responders indicated issues with daily recurring, but the tech team responded with an update they fixed the issue. That may be why you weren’t able to see them.

Great, maybe the bug fix will fix it!

FYI it’s definitely the case that to Set Recurring Events with Frequency Daily/Monthly you need to be on a higher plan than Personal (the lowest paid one).

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