Send the same email everyday


I want to send the same reminder email per day to all users of my application.
(it’s a todo list app and I want to remind my users to add their tasks for the day)

I thought I would do this with Mailchimp, but I can’t find a way to send the same mail every day to a list.

Do you know a way to do that?

(I’m on personal plan, so API Workflow don’t work for this recurrence)

Hi @Brenyth,

You can still use an API workflow recursively. Just have the workflow schedule itself for a day later. You’ll essentially create an infinite loop of this task, so if you ever need to pause it or not send an email to a specific person, you’ll want to use conditions on the Scheduling action.

Let’s say the name of your endpoint is “recurring-email-reminder”. The endpoint’s first action would be to send the email to all users (you’ll probably want this to be another Schedule API on a List:, and then the second action would be to schedule “recurring-email-reminder” with schedule date of “current date/time +(days): 1”

The second endpoint for the actual emailing would allow for each email to go to recipients individually. That endpoint, let’s call it “send-message”, will have the actual Send Email action.

Endpoint 1
recurring-email-reminder : schedule send-message on a list of users > schedule recurring-email-reminder in 1 day

Endpoint 2
send-message: Send Email

Hope this helps!

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Thank you very much for your help Gaby!

I am not sure I understood the first action of “recurring-email-reminder”.
I have the impression that it is a duplicate with the Endpoint “send-message”.

This is my configuration:


Send email

Schedule API Workflow recurring-email-reminder on a list

And I didn’t put anything for the Endpoint “send-message” (because I don’t know what to put)

I think I’ve made some progress. But I think I’m missing the recurring part.

Schedule API Workflow send-message on a list :

Schedule API Worflow reccuring-email-reminder :

send email

Don’t forget to register with Sendgrid to get your own key, the default one is only intended for testing and isn’t reliable.

Also, you are using a “transactional email” to send to a large list of users, this function is usually done with a “marketing campaign” (using Sendgrid’s terms).

Also, HTML mails are much better for formatting.

Also, there are other email providers than Sendgrid to choose from, each have their own pricing plans, although will need to use API calls for them.

Having said that, learning how to recursively schedule workflows is handy!

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