Recurring Events questions


  1. What are the Recurring Events?
  2. What are some uses cases?
  3. What is the difference between a Recurring Event and a simple backend workflow that schedules itself?

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Thanks, @paul29,

But I mean, a simple backend workflow can do the same (if you schedule itself) and you can also have many parameters


I suspect it is that Recurring Events predate the ability to have a recursive workflow (i.e. one that reschedules itself).

They are slightly different use cases I thing.

Recurring Workflows are always attached to a thing. So every months something happens to EVERY user.

Recursive Workflows tend to operate over lists. So look through a list of Users … and email inactive ones for example.

But you are right, they are fairly similar.

Thanks, @NigelG,

So, for example, when I need to send an email to every user, but insert the User's name on the email body, a recursive workflow would be better, right?

For that it may be simpler to set up a recurring as the workflow will have the User “thing” so you can personalise each one.

Hi @hacker
This link covers all your questions (explained in detail)…


Thanks, @vajihahmed,

Yes, Recursive Workflows similar to Schedule workflow on a list.

But I am asking of the Recurring Events, not Recursive Workflows

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