Recurring Events stopped working

Anyone else has their recurring events stop working? I have even tried to remove all conditions to see if it executes, but nope.

Have bubble changed anything? I have had the recurring events working daily for a year.


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I’ve been trying to set a super simple one up and it won’t work, so maybe there is a bigger issue?

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Thank for doing that, it’s wierdly calming knowing something I didn’t do broke the app. Hope they can look at this asap, it’s hurting.

Anyone else that can try to set one up to to confirm more?

Yes I’m also experiencing issues here with recurring workflows. I’ve sent a message to the Bubble team.

I’ve had the same issue the past two days with my app’s daily recurring event. Glad to hear I’m not alone.

@BrianHenderson @kris @teachamantofish

Please can you all submit bug tickets asap to get this prioritised.

@messly Doing that now.

Done it already, it’s the heart of my app, so hurting really bad here.

Hope it gets resolved quickly.

Hi all,

Jeff from our technical support team here. Thank you for brining this to our attention!

Our team just pushed a fix for this. Expectation is for impacted recursions to still be in the scheduler for their next run.

Please do let us know if you are still experiencing issues with recurring events.

We truly apologize for any inconvenience.

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@JeffT Good to hear! Does that mean we let the already scheduled recurring workflows just be, no need to restart them, right?

I can confirm that this bug has been fixed for my daily recurring workflow without any action required on my part. Thank you Bubble support for moving so quickly to repair this.

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@BrianHenderson thank you for fixing the bug but be aware that, because of it, a part of my users were not charged the monthly fee. I now have to reset the recurring workflow and provide explanations on why the charging did not take place at the scheduled date and, from now on, the payment date is changed. Not a drama but when money are involved - such as with the recurring WF - I suggest a particular care and implementing automated tests before bringing updates into production. Thx,

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