Recurring Events just stopped! Nothing scheduled!

Today the scheduled workflows of 300+ users just wasn’t there anymore, been working non stop for several years. Anyone else got this issue lately?

This is the heart of my app. Just have to re schedule to fix it - but want to know why this happened so it doesn’t happen again.

Any thoughts?

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I noticed something similar yesterday with an app. I rejigged something and thought I was going crazy but I have also noticed issues with recurring events over the past day.

Yes, i had similar. A recurring daily email that sends a summary to users has gone out at 6:30am everyday for almost 2 years and hasn’t gone since Wednesday this week.

I have a restart button for the emails, and it has now scheduled for tomorrow OK.

Double check in scheduled that pause all tasks button doesn’t read as resume tasks.

Yes this just happened to me on May 2nd. Scheduled nightly events for over 800 items suddenly stopped.

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