Scheduled workflows disapeared from the log scheduler

I have some recurring daily workflows that were working well for 2 days, but today they just disappeared from the log scheduler. How is it possible? How can I understand what happened? Can it be a problem with Bubble?
Any lead is appreciated!


Hey :wave: @Anaelle

It could have been a few things off the top of my head.

First thing I would check. If you are using an API, make sure you check the box about letting the workflow continue if it errors. This will break your current setup and you will have to re-initialize and redo the workflows.

Second idea, you hit capacity because something went wrong with a loop that started going too fast.

Those are my typical things I would check first.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Maybe post a screenshot of the workflow if you still can’t figure it out so we can help more.

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Our system is also experiencing problems with recurring events being erased.
After the May 3 event was executed, the next day’s event should have been scheduled, but it was not.
It’s not a specific recurring event, it’s happening with all of them. We are working on a Production Plan. I don’t think it is overcapacity.
I suspect that this is a problem with itself.


Where one can “lett workflow to continue if it errors”? Thanks!

I mean this checkbox. :blush:

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Just speculating here (and I doubt you could’ve done it without realising…) but what if the backend workflow was accidentally deleted → deployed to live → re-added? Would that delete all future recurrences of that workflow? Sounds very strange.

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Oh or even, changing the parameter name of that workflow.

For example, if you have a parameter called example which is type user and change that to example1, it resets the parameters that schedule that workflow. So if you had a workflow that schedules itself and changed the parameter name accidentally, the part that schedules itself again might not work and there might not be an issue log that shows up when it happens.

However this would imply the scheduled workflows gradually cancel (they occur but don’t schedule themselves once run) rather than all at once which seems to be what you’re experiencing.