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Recursive Repeating Group?


Is there any recursive repeating group or a way to achieve that?

I mean a group where I can display a database item and then below it its children, and below them their children etc. without knowing the maximum of children?

You can achieve this by setting up a repeating group within a repeating group.

This article’s first reply has a link to two other forum posts on the topic:

Right, but that only solves the issue if you know how many levels there are. What I’m talking about is displaying un indefinite number of children within children within children. There could be 2, 3, 4, or N levels. Like a tree system.

Ahh. I see. I wouldn’t know for sure without playing around with it and knowing exactly your database setup but this article might help:

This may mean you have to change around your database setup but a list of things is variable in length so potentially this can achieve what you’re after? But again, I could be wrong

This sounds much better suited for some form of Tree Browser/Explorer Element. That said hierarchies generally provide a terrible UX/UI. Does anyone really enjoy using a file browser, or typing endless permutations of cd/ls? Can I ask what your use case is that you would need strongly hierarchical data? Presumably you would have some “thing” in the DB that has a self-referential parent/child field?

Right, I have exactly that. Items in a data set that reference to other items in the same dataset as their parent.

For each item I want to be able to reveal the children below, and for each child the other children and so on.

In fact the data represents some kind of genealogy.

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I doubt there is a plugin to render expore-able genealogy trees. But I am certain there are javascript libraries that a plugin can be built around. Try searching for javascript libraries to visualize directed acyclic graphs.

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Well there are org chart plugins out there, but that wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Let’s see.

Yeah I was thinking way more dynamic than that. Like the social network spide-o-grams that you can click, zoom in, and move nodes around.

For example Cytopscape.js

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Ooooouuuh, that looks nice.

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Say would you be able to generalize your app for psychologists taking geneologies on intake? Ditto for law firms dealing with family conflict?

No lol. Working on some kind of game-like simulation. Nothing that serious.

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Cool. Sounds a lot less heavy (emotionally).

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