Recursive workflow - multiple copies of the same DataThing

Hey there!

I have a recursive workflow to create copies of a thing. The user fills in the following inputs and there is this input “Copies” where the user puts in the amount of copies desired. See the following image.


When the button Enter is pressed the following recursive workflow runs which works perfectly.

Image 2.

There is this field Named “Massive_copies_Serial” (As seen in image 2 above) which is populated with the number in the input “copies” and basically tells how many copies are to be created. So the recursive workflow works as long as the amount of things (:count) with the “Massive_copies_serial” is not the same.
Example, if the amount of copies is 2, therefore the recursive workflow will stop when this happen:

Thing 1, Field “Massive_copy_Serial”= 2
Thing 2, Field “Massive_copy_Serial”=2

However, if the user wishes to create another set of 2 copies once again, the recursive workflow will go on non-stop for obvious reasons.


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