Recursive Workflow Strange Duplicate Data

Hey Bubblers,

So I’ve created a backend recursive loop which takes in two lists and uses two iterators. The data i’m extracting is not as expected. As a test i’ve set up a test table that logs the user, and the job post, along with which iteration of each loop the row is created from:

I would expect the results to create only 1 new test per loop, however I get the following, which implies the action Create a new test is running multiple times per loop.

I’m struggling to understand whats going on here and it’s causing duplicate push notifications to be sent.

Any help or a better way of achieving this that works would be super awesome.

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had you figured this out? I think i’m having a similar issue with one of my import workflows

I don’t really use the “iterator” number, instead I just pass in the entire list, create the first item, then when you schedule the next loop pass in the same list but minus the first item. Not sure if that will help at all but worth a shot.