Recursive Workflows in new bubble version

Hi All, has anyone been able to run recursive backend workflows since the new version?

A workflow with example below

send a list of items with values 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and an operation amount of 400.

Backend workflow is as follows

create item 1 in a new table with value 100
make changes to a different record using step 1’s value
update operation amount 400 - 100

Then loop through all the items until operation amount is 0

This used to work before the new version.

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Yes, again today.

What is the result you get and considered as “not working” ?

Yes, it’s been working fine for me, including with two new recursive workflows I’ve been testing today. Haven’t encountered any problems personally.

the conditionals and constraints needed to guide the process doesnt work. Its either it processes all the list and i end up with a negative operational value or different wrong values.

Regally need help on this

Have you checked the logs to see if/why/where the conditionals aren’t being met?

Also, are the constraints dealing with object in the DB? With recursive / backend workflow, you have to take care that some constraining data are not modified in parallel of the rec workflow.

Are you sure you haven’t change anything around the constraint? Or are there multiples users using your app?

Honestly im not quite sure what im doing wrong. This was a workflow that worked before.

Not so easy to provide you with help on this issue… Are you willing to share some screen shots of your process and workflow(s) ?

For what it’s worth, I just noticed about an hour ago that a recursive backend workflow that has been working perfectly for weeks suddenly wasn’t working anymore. I hadn’t made any changes in that area, and after investigating, I discovered that a constraint was missing on the search in the conditional that determines if the backend workflow is called. I know this particular constraint was there before because this part of the app would never have worked at all without it. Also, and I’m guessing this observation has nothing to do with, well, anything, the UI is messed up in the constraints area, so something is amiss in Bubble-land…


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lol!!! I saw that as well … i guess bubble have issues same as everyone. Its a big reminder that tech is not magic.

I just restructured my recursive workflow and it now works and is of course much faster.