Redirect **not** to index page after signup

I am trying to redirect a user to a specific page after he signed up for the first time. But it seems that bubble automatically redirects to the index after a new signup. I also tried to redirect the user on (index) page load. But then the index pops up, there is a delay and then the user is redirected.
Is this a bug or is there any way I can prevent this from happening?

After Signup successfully done, Add New action to navigate to another page.

Navigation - > Goto and set your redirect page with passing data like below,


Yes, this is what I´ve tried. image
The Signup and the Mail send is succesfull. But then the user is automatically redirected to the index page.

Share your app, will check and revert back.

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It is on thise page. A few words are in german.

Please remove the action of “User is logged in”. it contains the Redirect to index page.
Thats why, if user was signup then, it was redirct to index page. Or add some specifc contain to ignore the redirect to index page by adding some field like “is new User?” then skip the redirect action


You are a hero! Totally forgot about this. I created this a few weeks ago. Gave me headaches for a couple of hours… thank you! :heart_eyes: