Login / Signup / PW Reset With Redirect System

This template comes complete with a sleek modern looking login/signup page that has the most advanced set of user experience related attributes. Users will be alerted via helper text and custom alerts to any issues regarding their password matching the password policy.

The header element is fully responsive and has a full page width and height menu display on mobile devices.

Users will be redirected to the page they initially select to login or signup from. This redirection system is implemented in custom emails sent to users who request a password reset link.

Upon clicking on the email reset password link the user is sent to the reset password page, and after successfully reseting their password they are logged in and redirected to the page they first started from.

This is set up with an example of a e-commerce application with product pages. When a user is on a specific product page and they click to login, and subsequently request a reset password link, after successfully resetting their password they will be redirected to the product page.

Video Demonstration and Explanation can be viewed here:

Feel free to signup to test the redirection system and emails.

For demo credentials use:

Email: demo1@demo.com
Password: Demo123$

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