Redirect not working

So I connected my application to a payment tool that redirects the users out of the website and when the payment process is done it redirects them back to a return page.
upon returning the page looks like this:

I found this topic which had the same problem too: POST request to Bubble. Page not found Error
I applied the solution suggested which is also this Post request to Bubble. Not found and API endpoint redirection

It’s literally the same error and the fix is exactly the same but it still shows me page not found

P.S. The Endpoint is triggered, I know this because that’s where the payment feedback is delt with and I checked the data and it’s triggered but the user isn’t redirected

I’ve not worked with this but in theory can’t you use a backend API workflow, response type page redirect (302) instead of json. Set the redirect page to the return page and you’re good?

are you sure you’re hitting the same /version as expected? it could be returning not found due to it attempting to redirect to live or a different version where the page doesn’t exist?

Here’s a video of what happens: (Couldn’t upload it here directly)

So as I understand the payment tool only sends POST requests and bubble pages only accept GET that’s why it doesn’t recognize it the first time. If I hit the address bar and enter this sends a GET requests.

To make it automatic I tried doing this:

But it’s not working…

@chris.williamson1996 @nocodeventure

Are you sure you put the correct version wf URL into amazon payment services POST request? (ex /version-test)

Yes it’s correct

can you try redirecting it back to the index as a test to see if the redirect is even working.

Purchase request API call return_url param will need updated to index & the backend API redirection on success/error will need updated to index.

If the redirect does happen you’ll know it does work and want to debug a bit further to find out why that specific page isn’t working on the versioning, return_url param on payment initialization api, etc.

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I don’t know why this worked but thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
In the form that make the payment request (The one where I hit Pay) I changed the return_url value to the Backend Workflow that makes the redirection.

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Hi, I am doing the same thing as you and this thread has helped a lot. I was wondering if when a user is redirected, are they still logged in? For me, the user isn’t logged in and the results aren’t properly shown.

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Check privacy rules & the redirect pages wf for any conflicting issues.

If they’re logged in when doing payment they should remain logged in when redirecting back to the site.

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