POST request to Bubble. Page not found Error

Hi Everyone,

It seems that one of my Plugins is making a POST request to my Bubble page, causing the page to go blank with an error 404 not found. Is this normal behavior?

I’ve contacted Flutterwave and the Bubble support team, couldn’t get a specific solution for this issue. Can anyone make any recommendation to what could be the possible solution?

Possible Explanation

Bubble page won’t except a POST request - hence the 404 error. The reason it loads when you press enter on the address line is because that sends a GET request to the page, which Bubble accepts.

Possible Solution

Set up a Bubble API endpoint (which do accept POST requests) to use as the FW redirect URL. Then, do the redirect yourself in the API workflow.

Just a thought. Let us know if it works out.


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Sure, that’s a smart idea. Let me try that. Is there a way bubble can just pass the users through rather than displaying a blank page @eve?

An alternative approach might be to use a “redirect proxy” (for lack of a better term) using a service like Integromat (or similar). Use that external service endpoint as the redirect URL, and then send the desired request to Bubble from there.

EDIT: Of course, this might be an impractical solution if the functionality is part of a plug-in.


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That’s true, but I was looking for a more subtle way for my end-users. Will see what Bubble has to say, I do think this at the minimum should not trigger a blank page.

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@Bubble I can’t use navigation from the Back-end API Endpoint, kindly suggest how I can move forward :wink:

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