Redirect to profile problem

Hello Everyone,
I want this functionality done if someone could help
In my Web app there are profile of users and they can copy their profile links (copy to clipboard plugin) and can share them on other social media platforms. Now, when some other platform user will click on the link he will visit the profile. if other user is already logged in my web app, then by clicking on the link he can go to the profile of the user.
my problem is … when some user of other platform(not signed up and logged in) clicks on the link… then he should go to the login page and after logging in he should firstly go the profile link on which he clicked.
or another possibility that he could see the public view of the profile of the user
Thank You.

Just redirect them to the login page if they aren’t already logged in…

then afterwards i want them to go to the exact link of profile they clicked

So send the to the previous page after they log in.

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