Redirect User after login to the link, which was clicked

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask, if it possible to redirect a user after the user was logged in on the login page.

The a rough process for better understanding:

  1. The user receives an email with a specific link and clicks on it
  2. The user is not logged in and is forwarded automatically to the login page
  3. User logs in and should be redirected to url page the user clicked

I have now tried with the function “Go to previous page”, but this sadly does not work.

Is there a way to do such a redirect?

Best and thanks for the help,

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Idea 1: Instead of redirecting to the login page, have a popup on each page to login.
Idea 2: When you redirect, send the current page url in a url parameter to the login page. Once login, redirect user to the url page parameter.

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Hey @Kurb,

How about something like this?

In this example we have two pages, the destination and a login page. If you go to the destination page, but are logged out, you are redirected to login. If you login you are redirected to the destination page if it was provided.

Destination page:

Login page:

Hope that helps!


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Works perfect thank you very much.


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