Redirect URL Based on IP's Country


I saw some posts in the past about trying to redirect a user based on the country they are accessing a site from. However, I didn’t see any end results beyond the use of Current Geographic Location field, which would fail if a user doesn’t give you access to their location. Forgive me if I missed one…

I’ve been playing around with another option that uses both the ipiphy plugin and the IP Geo plugin. In a page load workflow the ipiphy plugin grabs the public IP address and then the IP Geo plugin converts that to a country - then you say country is (or is not) XYZ. and do a page redirection.

In my case, I want to redirect to a “Access Not Allowed” type page for user’s outside the USA - mostly trying to prevent GDPR issues at this stage.

Attached are some screenshots of the workflow. Anyone see any issues with this approach? Any other solutions folks are trying?


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