Detect User from US or non-US

I would like to know how to detect if a user is from the US or non-US because of GDPR reasons.

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I tend to grab the IP address of the visitor… Then use an API call to there are various others… That gives me the location and in this case GDPR if its Europe… Based on the response… I do some stuff

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That’s great.

Just a question, the API has been set to be used as Data and not Action, how would you perform workflow actions based on the data and how do you know the current user’s ip? In the video below I can see the option to get the User’s IP, but it’s not there now.

quick way…if you are using ipify plugin pop an input on the page … then use the value of that input in your action

This plugin doesn’t exist anymore?

Also @emmanuel do you know if the Stripe plugin will have the option to have a checkbox that uses Stripe checkout for Europe users according to the new regulations?

I still fear my app that doesn’t seem to be in the plug-in store any more. My guess is it’s been depreciated. Just use the service link it now refers to
very simple API set up

Yes but it seems to be using Bubble’s IP to make the call and not the client. Tried with many different API’s

Hi @Bubbleboy I am using the ipiphy plugin by bubble and I am getting the IPv4 which is not allowing me to get accurate geographic location results.

Do you know how to get the IPv6?

When I first installed and tested the plugin I got very accurate geographic location information. Testing the next day the geographic location was about 100 miles away. I contacted bubble support and they said the plugin is returning the correct IP address, just not the type I need.

Apparently I am getting the IPv4 returned.

Hi, how did you grab the IP address? That’s my big struggle actually because all plugin use geolocalisation from grabbed IP but I don’t know how to grab it